Million-dollar question

April 22, 2016 Leave a comment

The million-dollar question: Why do I blog?

I saw this topic in one of the April daily prompts and figured this would be an awesome topic I could write pages about! Naturally, my mind drew blank…

…Then I thought about who reads my blogs and who my target audience is, words started filling my mind faster than I could type! I write for the people who feel like screw-ups, the ones who stumble over each mistake in their lives. To some, my life stories are like a humour column to their perfect worlds. Either way, you’re reading my blog because you get your-own personal kick out of it.


I blog because it frees me. Being trapped in my head without an outlet would turn me into a serial killer. My mind never switches off, just like my mouth – ask my poor boyfriend who deals with me yapping all day. I also believe in owning my flaws, that way no one can use them against me (although some people have made good attempts to take me down with them).

You will notice that the tagline to my blog is: My life is my message. A quote by Gandhi. I’m not a Gandhi follower, I don’t tangle myself in any politics, be it right or wrong. This quote however, I like it. It speaks to me. It speaks of the type of person I am. A person who will publicly admit to the failures in their life, instead of just advertising my successes and falsely living in the shadows of those successes.

You read my blog because you relate to my stories in some way. You’ve felt the way I felt, you’ve experienced something I’ve experienced – we’ve created a virtual-bond on these things. So I don’t just write for me, I write for you too.

I write to give me peace, to free myself from bottling up the crazy within me. And maybe in someway I can help someone else through a tough time, I can be that silent friend who actually understands.

I have also grown from the 19 year old me who started this blog. My life has become brighter and better from the women who fell apart a few years ago. I document my mistakes and learn from them, I share with the world so they can find their own answers in them.

I am a writer and with every post, I blossom into a stronger, more confident and more beautiful human-being. I am what I write, I am not my past, I am not a futuristic version of my imagination – I am who I am right now, because my writing and the people who I connect with through it – have grown me into the person I am today.

I write because you read – you read because I am, me.


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