My 100 Happy Days

November 12, 2014 Leave a comment


Even though we don’t wish people pain or unhappiness, we are all eager to hear the drama and heartache in someone else’s life; it’s only human. We are attracted to the juicy gossip the flows down the corridors of our offices and love engaging in conversations that invite us to advise our friends and family about the problems they’re facing. It’s a human factor, you can deny that you have these characteristics but you’d be lying to yourself; in some small way – we all just must ‘be involved’ in someone else’s drama. I guess that’s why I love checking out whats trending with the #100HappyDays hash-tag. It’s become a really popular hash-tag and has really reached out to all social platforms, some people hash-tag their toasted sammies as #100happydays and some hash-tag their babies – this I consider a flood of nonsense. Yes, babies are this joyous celebration in our lives, however I consider #100happydays as 100 consecutive days that we urge ourselves to see the silver lining in what is some times feels like an unfair world. That’s my perception of it at least and I offer my apologies to those who have hash-tagged new pieces of technology or additions to their family as #100happydays and feel offend by my statement above.

My one year anniversary with Kidhar will arrive soon; and we really do have a blessed relationship. We are happy, in-love, respect and support each other – there’s nothing I ever feel short on in my relationship. I’m happy, I’m content and with him in my life I have this added boost to always look forward in life. People always say that you need to be able to make yourself happy before entering a relationship expecting the other person to make you happy; I agree with this to a certain extent. I hate being alone, not necessarily single but I enjoy having people around me to share life’s moments with. I am a happy, positively minded person who experienced some of the most tragic things life could offer; and I chose to rise above those tragedies and see the beauty in a rainy day. With all that, life is still better having someone to share it with, not just anyone but someone who shares their happiness with me and also shares in mine. My relationship with Kidhar is definitely something romance novels and movies are made from, it’s the most inspiring love of all that just glows when people see us. It’s uncountable, the times that strangers in malls or wherever tell us that we look so in-love or that they can see how in-love we are – and of course when they do, it just adds to the glow our relationship has created in our lives. Now that it’s a year and the “puppy-love” stage has become a deeper, more serious commitment to each other, I have decided to start my #100happydays.


The first few months are the easiest to be happy, everything is new and shiny and fun. As you get more comfortable with each other, there are fewer new things to learn and you fall into a routine of things that you do together (and no, the excitement doesn’t die there). You start noticing the differences in the other, have a few arguments tossed into the mix but see how amazingly your differences contribute to your overall happiness together. Once a year has passed people normally start taking their relationship for granted and not in a bad way, but in a sense that you automatically know that you have a date to your friends wedding, you know each others routine inside and outside of the relationship, you no longer have to put in the extra effort of dolling up or buying flowers (unless it’s a special occasion) and sometimes  you just forget to ask simple questions like “how are you” or “how was your day”. It’s not always the case but it’s small things that get forgotten, the please’s and thank you’s.

Anyways; I have decided to start my hundred days of happiness blog after my one year anniversary with Kidhar, successful relationships require work and commitment, it requires honesty and understanding and most importantly it requires a joint effort from both parties. With everything that happens in life and the balancing act we all perform, it’s important to juggle in the little things that make each other smile and show your loved ones appreciation.


I am committing to writing a blog every week documenting my hundred days and those will be followed up by three monthly pieces and a final piece after six months which will then lead to #365happydays.


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