Magic Carpet Ride – Part One

It’s no secret that I share my adventures with the best boyfriend in the world, he truly is the most amazing man I’ve ever met. Like the theme song to Disney’s Aladdin, we have this whole new world, with unbelievable happiness, this unchained passion and amazing adventures, everything feels magical when we’re together. I’ve never experienced this kind of love before, I’ve never been so completely happy. (yes, we do argue and fight but our bond is so much stronger than the little disagreements)

I turned seventy-seven last Friday, it was the highlight of my life. My wonderful boyfriend fought his sleep and waited for midnight to be the first to wish me Happy Birthday, roll your eyes and call me cheesy but I’m an old-fashioned romantic and I think it’s sweet. From closing onto thirty, my birthday turned into this magic carpet ride.

My boyfriend told me that he had surprise plans for me for my birthday weekend and that I should keep my diary clear, I obeyed and eagerly awaited his surprise. Being an introvert, it’s so easy for him to play off the whole surprise. I would have blabbed hints and clues and just trying to contain my own excitement.

On Thursday I got an email detailing dress codes and rough idea’s of the surroundings I’ll be faced with so that I could pack for the weekend that awaited me.

Leaving to work on Friday morning and it’s like the flowers where singing and the trees were dancing, I was in the most amazing mood. We had a pizza and games night planned at the office, it was gonna be a kick ass day; plus dinner and dancing later that night with my favourite people. Not forgetting the special plans my boyfriend made. What more could a girl want on her twenty-seventh birthday?

Moments after walking into my office, a little black gift bag was delivered to my desk. I’m the kind of girl who checks the card, then delicately opens the wrapping and trying not to rip or crumple anything. The women in my office are pushing me to rip through the wrapping as everyone is eager to see my gift. My boyfriend has a knack for making other girls wish they were me, the sweet, thoughtful spoiling drives them nuts. He loves it! My first surprise was a bottle of Honey by Marc Jacob. It looks pretty, it smells pretty and it’s yellow – he totally got it right!

The first of my birthday surprises from Kidhar

The first of my birthday surprises from Kidhar

My day was pretty normal, work then some singing in the office, cake, more work, pizza, drinks, a little more work and then gaming time! I was requested to excuse myself from the gaming night as I need to be dressed and ready for dinner early so that my boyfriend could take me to my second surprise before we met our friends for dinner. He got home, I was touching up my hair and make up while he got dressed. We got onto the highway and started driving south, I felt a little worried that we would end up being late for dinner, but one thing for sure is that my boyfriend is very fussy about being on-time. We drove into Melrose Arch and my heart sank, I love Melrose Arch because it feels like it’s own make-believe city so far away from Johannesburg. The nights are lite up with old school lamp posts and the streets are just so magical and beautiful to stroll through. He had us booked into the Fire and Ice hotel in Melrose Arch from Friday to Sunday, all of our other adventures for the weekend start out on this giant, super comfortable bed.

Fire and Ice Hotel Melrose Arch

Second Birthday Surprise from Kidhar

My birthday dinner was at Adega in Rivonia, we booked out the private oval section just for our group. I love the variety of meal options, cocktail selection and the service is pretty decent. Hugs, laughs, gifts and cocktails followed very quickly and it was time to bring on the entée’s. The evening was spectacular! Meeting new friends, catching up with old ones, mingling with the amazing people that impact my life. The food was magnificent! Then came the cake with sparklers and candles. Everyone sang and made me blush, we cut the cake and dove into our sugary dessert.

Time had flown by so quickly, the second half of my birthday celebration awaited. We all got into our cars and raced our way to Vacca Matta at Monte Casino to dance the night away. My sister arranged a VIP Guest list for our group so we rock out ion true VIP style. There was an endless amount of tequila shots being sent to me by my friends and sister. Every time I wasn’t drinking something, they bought another round. Another reason to dance with all you got, it helps you work through the alcohol in your system…or so I thought. Anyways, somewhere in the swing of things a guy walked passed me, instead of just brushing against me like most people do in a crowded club, he also grabbed my butt! It wasn’t like a oops, touched your butt by mistake because after the first grab, the guy reached further into the curve of my butt for a better grab. My jaw dropped and as the guy passed me, he turned back to smile at me before walking on. So I Trojan kicked his ass! My boyfriend saw my face change and he grabbed the guy, my sisters boyfriend jumped in as well, I didn’t want to get kicked out the club so I told them to leave it, it’s nothing – plus I had already given him a decent boot to the ass!

The night rocked on and by 2am, it was time to head back to the hotel. I was soo ready to fall into that giant pillow soft bed and just snuggle into my lovers arms; by the time we reached the hotel parking, the alcohol had created a sinful mix in my blood and was ready to take it’s revenge. Thankfully we parked close to a balcony, I hurled myself towards it and well you know what happened next.

My boyfriend escorted me, my gifts and bags to the hotel room. Got the shower running and helped me wash up (he even washed between my toes). Teeth all brushed, jams-jams on and it was time I called it a night; but naturally when it’s sleep time – my body rebels. After an hour or so of my boyfriend sweet-talking me into bed, caressing my hair and kissing my cheeks – I gave in; snuggled into his warm embrace and drifted off to lala land.

My Special Chair for the Weekend

My Special Chair for the Weekend


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